All teams must turn up to play.

A decision whether to play or not is made at the start of each round by the LYVNA committee on duty. 

Each round is assessed individually and the safety of the courts and the weather conditions are assessed continuously.


Wet Weather Rules

  • We do play in rain

  • We do not play in lightning

  • We do not play in hail 


Hot Weather Rules

How do we know when it is safe to play in hot conditions?

LYVNA and Netball Victoria abide by the guidelines produced by Sports Medicine Australia.

A copy of these guidelines can be found by clicking the following links:



When do we cancel or postpone games?

Ambient temperature reaches 36 degrees Celsius or greater


Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) reaches 30 or greater

LYVNA uses the Bureau of Meteorology website for information on the Ambient temperature and WBGT.  The readings for both Scoresby and Coldstream are reviewed and whichever reading is higher is used.

See the link below for current readings:



If a game is cancelled after half time the scores will stand and 4 points will be awarded accordingly. If a game is cancelled prior to half time the score will be a draw and 2 points will be awarded to each team.