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By law, smoking (including vaping) is banned within 10 metres (about two car lengths) of any public outdoor sporting venue during an organised under-18s event.

The ban includes training or practice sessions to prepare for an organised under-age sporting event, and breaks or intervals during the course of the event, training or practice session.

The ban also applies to outdoor drinking areas located within 10 metres of an outdoor sporting venue during an organised under-age sporting event or training session.

Please click here for the Victorian Department of Health guidelines.

No smoking for vaping.png

The diagram above provides an example of where the ban applies. An under-age sporting event is taking place on netball courts A and B, but not on the football oval. In this situation the smoking ban would apply at or within 10 metres of the netball courts and the accompanying spectator seating area.

Fact Sheet - Smoking Ban

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