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We have tents that we bring to most tournaments.  The tents are used as shelter and a home base for our teams and parents during the day


We ask that all the parents rostered on to Tent Duty assist in the transportation, setting up and dismantling of the tents on the tournament day:

  • Pick up tent(s) from the Pinks Reserve store room Saturday before the tournament.  Ask at the office for assistance

  • The tents are quite large so a large wagon or 4WD will be needed to transport them

  • Collect tents, tent walls, bench seats, rope/peg bag, hammer and tarp / drop sheet bag

  • Arrive at tournament early to help setup tents and to ensure a good location.  Discuss with coaches where they would like the tents

  • Enjoy your day

  • Help dismantle tents.  If your daughter's team is not in finals you may dismantle and take a tent early but please ensure that as least one tent remains for the teams in finals

  • Return tents at Monday night training

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