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Life Membership is awarded to individual members whose exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has provided a measurable benefit to the Association over an extended period of time.  We would like to acknowledge the following people, who have been awarded life membership for their service to the Association:

1990 Judy Gunstone

1990 Carmel Potter

1992 Pat Gibson (dec.)

1992 Marg Munnerley

1992 Fran Postill

1999 Jan Phippard

2000 Robyn Faram (dec.)

2001 Mignon Harrington

2001 Toni Madden

2004 Jill Smith

2006 Barbara Noonan

2006 Gloria Waters

2007 Carol King

2007 Jeff Lawson

2007 Bernie Pinnock

2007 Mick Priestley

2008 Sheelagh Kleverkamp

2013 Jackie Church

2013 Anne Priestley

2013 Zoe Van Zuyden

2020 Simon Grimes

2021 Clare Grimes

2021 Amanda Butteriss

2022 Vanessa Enright

Vanessa Enright Photo.jpg

2022 Life Membership

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