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Pinks Reserve Netball Facility is a public space.  Photographs may be taken by any person at the Facility without the permission of the person being photographed.

While the Association cannot prohibit the taking of photographs or video at the Facility, we have decided to introduce a protocol, which is to apply when a club wishes to photograph or video a game being conducted at the Facility for club use by or under the instruction of the club’s committee, coaches or team managers.

Spectators and parents taking photographs for private use do not need to follow the protocol.


  1. The person who is to take photographs or video on behalf of a club (club photographer) is to report to the office and inform a committee member on duty that he or she will be taking photographs or video, and the court on which he or she will be doing so.

  2. The club photographer should wear some form of identification (e.g. a lanyard) which identifies him or her as a “Club Photographer” and the name of the club for which he or she is taking photographs or video.

  3. Before taking any photographs or video, the club photographer should notify the coach or team manager of each team and one of the umpires officiating the game that he or she intends to take photographs or video of the game on behalf of the club concerned.

  4. In the event a person objects to the taking of photographs or video of a game by a club photographer, the following steps are to be taken:

a) The club photographer should not take any photographs or video and immediately come to the office and report the objection to a committee member.

b) A committee member will attend at the court on which the game is being played and speak with the objector to determine the grounds on which the objection has been made.

c) The committee member shall request that the club photographer cease taking photographs or video (cease request) if the committee member is satisfied that there are circumstances that warrant such a request being made. The committee member shall explain to the club photographer the reasons why the cease request has been made. The club photographer will be expected to comply with the cease request.

d) If the committee member is not satisfied that there are circumstances that warrant a cease request being made, he or she will inform the objector and the club photographer that the taking of photographs or video are permitted.

e) No further action will be taken by the Association in relation to an objection.


See for more information regarding photography at children's sporting events.

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