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Please note that parking directly behind the netball pavilion is reserved for the Canteen Manager, disabled parking, emergency vehicles and deliveries.


Note:  There is also disabled parking available in the main car park area if all bays are full.

The areas to the right and left of the pavilion car park are to be kept clear at all times for easier foot traffic, vehicle traffic access for disabled and emergency vehicles.

This area is also not to be used as a drop off zone as it is not safe and makes the area highly congested.  If you must do a drop off, it should be done at the top of the main car park near the entrance to the walking path that access our courts.  The walking path is only a short walk (or run if you are running late) for your match.

On Saturdays and tournament days, access up the driveway is restricted to only the Canteen Manager, LYVNA Committee, disabled parking, emergency vehicles and deliveries.


Please ensure that the driveway up to the back of the pavilion is not blocked to ensure any emergency vehicles have close access to the court and pavilion areas.

There is also no parking allowed along the access road that leads to the back of the netball pavilion, including next to the second oval.

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