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Lilydale and Yarra Valley Netball (Valley) are offering Player Sponsorship Packages to all our Representative Players.


The purposes of these packages are:

  1. Player Sponsorships allow Rep Parents to have their work or a business/company pay the Rep fees. The company can then claim the costs of Player Sponsorship through their company/business as a tax deduction. The packages offer better value for money than paying for your child’s fees privately.

  2. Business/company gain exposure at Pinks Reserve Netball Facility.

  3. Valley Netball gain additional revenue from the transaction.


Every dollar a player / family bring in as sponsorship, we will discount 60c from their fees, eg if a player brings in $100 dollars in sponsorship, they will have $60 discounted from their fees.


Valley Netball will provide an invoice addressed to your company’s name for sponsorship.

Please click here to access the Player Sponsorship Packages document.

If you are interested, please contact Sue Reynolds on .

2024 Player Sponsorship Packages

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